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Liv Intrigue 1 - Women's - 2016

Climb and descend with a whole new level of confidence aboard Liv's… [more]

Pivot Cycles Mach 6 Carbon XTR 1x Reynolds - 2015
$8,749.00 - $9,148.00

This is the one you've been waiting for. 4,000 foot descents? 3-hour… [more]

Pivot Cycles Mach 429 Carbon X01 - 2015
$5,999.00 - $6,398.00

How do you take something known for its incredible ride, weight, and… [more]

Pivot Cycles Mach 5.7 Carbon XX1 - 2015
$7,299.99 - $7,698.99

Take your descending and climbing to the next level with Pivot's… [more]

Raleigh Detour 3 - 2017

Miles of fun await on Raleigh's Detour 3! Its aluminum frame is strong and… [more]

Marin Bayview Trail - Boys - 2016

Marin’s Bayview Trail establishes the important link between a kid’s bike… [more]

Today's Tip

Maintain Your Seatpost - One important and often-neglected maintenance task is seatpost lubrication. Left alone, steel and aluminum seatposts can actually freeze in steel and aluminum frames due to corrosion from water that seeps between the seatpost and frame on wet rides. To prevent this and keep the post moving freely, extract it about every two months (more frequently if you ride in wet conditions a lot) and apply a light coat of lube inside the seat tube on the frame (if you smear the lube on the seatpost, it'll get scraped off when you slide the post into the frame). Please note that most manufacturers do not recommend greasing carbon frames or carbon seatposts. Please ask if you have any questions about your bicycle.

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